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Scouting in Glen Rock

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 15, Glen Rock

Welcome to the home page for BSA Glen Rock, Troop 15.  We are part of the Ramapo Valley District, in the Northern New Jersey Council.

Scouting is for EVERYONE !

Welcome to our website, Troop 15:

The Boy Scout model is  "Boy-Led / Adult-Guided."   One of our goals is to develop leadership in our Scouts.  As they progress through the program Scouts are encouraged to take charge and make decisions around weekly and monthly activities.  Adult leaders provide the guidance and environment that allows boys to grow.  Our strong attendance and excellent facilities, helps make for a vibrant scouting program. 

Today there is belief that Scouting needs to be a year-round commitment to receive the benefits of the program,.  Also that is just more about camping and community service.  Yes these are components of the program.   However, the core of the program is the building of character.  Personality studies are indicating that character is more integral to life’s success than intelligence.    We hear stories still today of the high school graduate or dropout for that matter, becoming a huge success over others.  Regardless of the highest level of education you  receive, it will always come down to your character as opposed to person next to you.  For over 100 years Scouting has been the country’s leading program for aiding in the development of boys.  Our town offers various avenues for developing our youth.  Still, focusing on only one area cannot always offer the greatest advantage.  We believe Scouting offers a great compliment to what our town has to offer.  Our Troop is comprised of boys who participate in  academics, debate team, robotics, sports teams, theater and other community/school programs.

Here at Troop 15 we strive to provide an environment where the boys are challenged, but having fun is also an important part.  Our goal is to help turn boys into young men, while aiding their preparation for life.  Our program consists of learning life's skills, character development, outdoor adventures, visiting historic site and supporting local community organizations.  One additional highlight for many of our boys is Scout camp, where they learn anything from outdoor survival skills, nature skills, digital skills, boating/sailing, extreme sports and participate in a variety of other activities.


We welcome boys who are:
- 5th grade or Middle School level; no previous Scouting experience required
- 2nd year Webelos Scouts ready to join a Boy Scout Troop
- Former Scouts who would like to give it another try
- Always, any boy who would like to try Scouting


We at Troop 15 are committed to the character development  of our Scouts and preparing them for life.  As an additional benefit Scouting is always a differentiator on college applications, where Boy Scout participation is highly recognized.

If this sounds like something you feel your son maybe be interested in, please feel free to schedule an appointment and visit us any Tuesday night at 7 PM - 8:30 PM at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church; 233 South Highland Avenue, Fellowship Hall (in the lower level).

If you have any questions about Scouting or the way Troop 15 operates, please contact Scott Fellini –

We Hope to see you soon !